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Live Performances archive
january - november 2003
E.S.T., The Wow, The Ghost, Anaeroba, The Fleshies, Silkworm, Retch, Regata 69, Michael Eldrisch, Kill Yourself, Daitro, Born Dead Icons, Twist.
september - december 2002
The Pietasters (USA), X-Sandra (SLO), Hirameka hi-fi (GB), Phantom Limbs (USA), Phalanx (USA), Ex-Creta (SLO), Valterap (SLO), Coolhaven (NL), Liana Flu Winks (NL), Sspier (NL), Nina Nastasia (USA), El Guapo (USA)

januar-july 2002
DJ Gsuka(SLO), DJAck(SLO), NestiDivajs(SLO), DaveJ (SLO), The Slackers (USA), ZU (IT), Bobby Conn (USA), Sean Na Na (USA), Rollerball (USA), Melted Men (USA), Broken Lock (SLO), GO.be (SLO); Bottom (USA), 90 day Men (USA), Babylon Circus(FR), Mars Volta(USA), The Apes (USA), Lo-Lite(NL), Franco Formica (NL), Guapo (GB)
september-december 2001
Tight Bross (USA), Gorghe (USA), Hitch (BE), Tara Jane O'Neill (USA), Dejmo Stisnt Theatre (SLO), King Prawn (GB), Demolition Group (SLO), The Peacocks (CH), Luxedo (AU), J.Majesty (USA), No More Lies (ES)

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Welcome, admirers of power sound!

You can search our music video portal and search engine here!

Or you can check the videos below! Here we have videos of live performances from 1992-2002. Bloody 10 years!!! Enjoy in this videos, you can watch or download it. They're all under Creative Commons licence.
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january-july 2001
Melted Men(USA), Burning Airlines (USA), Hazeldine (USA), Low Punch (SLO), Intensity (SWE), Argies (ARG), The Trans Megetti (USA), Uzrujan (CRO), Fleas&Lice (NL), Calloused (USA), Devics (USA), Waave (CZ), Karate (USA), The Toasters (USA), King Prawn (GB), Court Jester's Crew (GER), Sonny Vincent & Safety Pins (USA), Klemen Klemen (SLO), Eastern Standard Time (USA)

september-december 2000
Polyplush Cats (USA), Patchinko (USA), Dare Dare Devil (France), All Scars (USA), Windfall (USA), The Flying Luttenbachers (USA), Cerberus Shoal (USA), Jack Black (USA), Hellsuckers (France), Arab on Radar (USA), Trabakula (SLO)
january-july 2000
Vandenmark5 (USA), Adam West (USA), The Fixtures (USA), BeNuts (GER), Stratford Mercenaries (GB), Balthazar (CA), Eastern Standard Time (USA), Warmachine (USA), Sunshine (CZ), Old Time Relijun (USA), Wanda Chrome & The Leather Pharaohs (USA), Laddio Bolocko (USA),
1999 archive
Brand New Unit (CA), Mark Foggo's Skasters (GB), Ace (FR), Edna's Goldfish (USA), Leponex (Nl), Endless Pain (SLO), Vialka (Fr-Ca),
1996-1998 archive
Anesthesia (Cro), Jeff Dahl (USA), 46short (GB), Burning Heads (FR), Sytower (Slo), Subhumans (GB),
1992-1995 Archive
Funcy Lazy (Cro), Res Nulius (Slo), Transmisia (Cro), Zona Industriale (Cro), Leeway (USA), Overflow (Cro),D.I. (USA), Asexuals (CA), Borghesia (SLO), Majke (Cro), Partibrejkers (Ser), Spoons (Cro),
LO-LITE - dutch raw stompin' blues duo
23.february 2002 Photos I watch video  
download entire video
FRANCO FORMICA - dutch garage punk duo
23.february 2002  Photos I watch video 
download entire video
BABYLON CIRCUS - famous french ska
15.march 2002
Photos I watch video   
download entire video
COURT JESTER'S CREW - german ska band 4.february 2001  Photos I watch video  download entire video
THE SLACKERS - Famous ska band
08.july 2002
watch video  I 
download entire video
EASTERN STANDARD TIME - ska from NY, USA 7.january 2001  Photos I watch video  download entire video
DEMOLITION GROUP famous slovenian rock
30.october 2001
watch video
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TIGHT BRO'S FROM...- USA rock'n'roll band
1.december 2001 I Photos I watch video 
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     VIDEO ARCHIVE 1, 2, 3, 4

DEVICS - music poetry from USA,
performed 2001 I NEW! Photos
watch video  I  download entire video
VANDEMARK5 - jazz group from NY, USA
january 2000
watch video  I  download entire video
X-SANDRA - rock group from Slovenia
18.october 2002
watch video  I  download entire video
EL GUAPO - art and avantgarde punk,
28.november 2002
watch video  I  download entire video
ARAB ON RADAR - psycho-neurological terrorism
live performance, 2000 I NEW! Photos
watch video  I  download entire video


VIDEO ARCHIVE 1, 2, 3, 4